Whom Do I Contact?

Take a look at the chart below to find who to contact for just about anything you need help with. Please keep in mind the following while the search for a Financial Specialist is ongoing:

MDS Purchases and Purchase Orders: Garrett Hamilton (ghamilton2@wisc.edu)

Funding Updates (including personnel changes): Garrett Hamilton

PI Requests – Jon Thomas (thomas38@wisc.edu)

E-Reimbursement (Approver) – Yacouba Sylla (ysylla@wisc.edu)

P-Card Site Manager- Angie Machovec (amachovec@wisc.edu)

Grant Closeouts, RSP emails, etc. – Jon Thomas

Commitments – Garrett Hamilton

All other reporting requests – Jon Thomas

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Main Office

Cluff, Taylor
Department Administrator
Phone: 608.890.4631
Email: tcluff@wisc.edu

Oliva, Joe
Distinguished Instrumentation Specialist
Phone: 608.262.1184
Email: jmoliva@wisc.edu

Katsoulidis, Maria
Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: 608.261.1492
Email: katsoulidis@wisc.edu

Instructional Staff

Kita, Angela
Associate Faculty Associate
Phone: 608.262.0971
Email: amkita@wisc.edu

SMPH Shared Services

Hamilton, Garrett
Shared Services Accountant
Phone: 608.262.7888
608.262.7280 (Wednesday)
608.262.4871 (Thursday)
Email: ghamilton2@wisc.edu

Scheuer, Jennifer
Shared Services HR Business Partner
Phone: 608.262.7953
Email: jscheuer@wisc.edu

BMC Contacts by Area

wdt_ID Functional Area Function or Resposibility Primary Secondary Secondary 2
1 Events and Scheduling
2 Room Scheduling Choi, Dennis Katsoulidis, Maria
3 Seminars and Colloquia Choi, Dennis Cluff, Taylor
4 Chair Calendar and Meetings Choi, Dennis Cluff, Taylor
5 Facilities Management
6 Capital Equipment Inventory and Disposal Oliva, Joe Cluff, Taylor
7 Equipment Maintenance/Repair Oliva, Joe
8 Facilities Maintenance/Repair Oliva, Joe
9 Keycard Access Oliva, Joe Choi, Dennis
10 Keys Choi, Dennis Cluff, Taylor
Functional Area Function or Resposibility Primary Secondary Secondary 2