New Employee Onboarding

First Steps

ID card (UW)

Once you have finalized your appointment and have a NetID, you can obtain a UW ID card at Union South. The ID office is usually open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. It is recommended that you call ahead at 262-3258.


Once you have your UW ID card, contact Joe Oliva (262-1184, to set up your email account.


To obtain any necessary keys, please see Dennis Choi ( in 1135D Biochemistry. If you lose your key and need a replacement, you will be required to pay a $75 fee. Keys should not be duplicated and they should not be given to other persons unless you are certain they have permission to be in that location. When you leave the department, return your key(s) to the office (1135 Biochemistry).

Direct Deposit and W4

Dennis Choi will also be your departmental contact point for setting up direct deposit and finalizing payroll. You can complete the setup form in advance (linked here) or obtain a physical copy at 1135 Biochemistry.

Additional Info

Benefits Summary

You will receive communication from Payroll and Benefits as well as HR Operations with regards to your benefit enrollment options and I-9 work authorization.

Important benefit information is provided on the Business Services website at Please note that many benefit plans (including health insurance) have a 30-day enrollment period.

Disability accommodation

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin Madison to provide reasonable accommodation for qualified employees with disabilities. If you need accommodation to perform the essential functions of your position, please contact the BMC Department Adminsitrator or Amy Alston, the School of Medicine and Public Health disability coordinator at 262-1302.

Flu vaccine

Be aware that an influenza (flu) vaccination is required during flu season; only those with waivers are exempt. To learn more, see:

International tax information

U.S. taxation on the income of international visitors varies, based on immigration status, purpose of visit, length of visit and tax treaties. For further information, visit the website