Administrative Transition 2019

Review this page for info related to staff transitions in Fiscal and HR Shared Services, as well as the BMC main office. We’ll make regular updates as needed until positions are filled or staffing changes are complete.

BMC Office Staff

Recruitment is currently underway for an Administrative Specialist whose time will be primarily committed to research administration and financial administration.

Update 12/11/2019: The position vacancy listing (PVL) for this position has been extended and is available to share at While this recruitment is ongoing, we will be joined by a new student hourly employee in the office starting January 2020 and will post for a temporary hire (approx. 20 hours/week) for more specialized administrative support.

The Department P-card (assigned to Taylor Cluff) will be available for use beginning 12/18/2019. In the meantime, please continue to work with Garrett for P-card purchases.

Coverage during Staff Recruitment:

Onboarding – Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Postdocs: Maria Katsoulidis (

Onboarding – Academic Staff and Faculty: Taylor Cluff (

P-Card Purchasing: Garrett Hamilton (

Reimbursements: Taylor Cluff (Maria Katsoulidis backup)

Note: We strongly encourage any who have reimbursement requests to submit to use the intranet form linked here. This will facilitate quicker processing and better record keeping.

Leave Reporting: Taylor Cluff

Fiscal Shared Services

Update 12/11/2019: One of the vacant Financial Specialist Senior positions has been filled by Tyler Norman (, who started December 2. He will spend the next few weeks being trained at SMPH, and discussions are ongoing regarding the amount of time he will spend in BMC. Taylor will be participating in interviews for a second hire for this position during the weeks of December 9 and December 16.

Financial Contacts

Standard Purchases, Cost Transfers, and other Transactional Finances: Tyler Norman (

P-Card Purchases: Garrett Hamilton (

P-Card Site Manager: Kymmy Lomax (

Funding Projections and Accounting Questions: Angie Machovec (

HR Shared Services

The HR Shared Services team recently analyzed comparative workloads across the Business Partners team, and will be making a few changes as a result.

Update 12/11/2019: BMC’s HR Business Partner will fully transition from Jennifer Scheuer to Melissa Zhang over the next couple of weeks, who currently works on the same HR team but with a different portfolio of departments. Melissa will take the lead on recruitment for BMC’s new Administrative Specialist.

HR Contacts

New Lab Staff Recruitments: Melissa Zhang (

Changes in Appointments: Jennifer Scheuer (

Leave Approval Questions for Managers: Coreen Marklein (