Faculty Global Health Activities

Global Health Activities Tracking for BMC Faculty and Staff

UW-Madison and the Health Sciences schools have adopted a series of policies to:

  • protect the personal well-being of our UW community, our partners, and their communities;
  • provide the full protection of university insurance and other benefits during stays abroad;
  • guide staff in preparing for the complexities of such travel; and
  • assure that global efforts are of maximum value to all involved.

If you are traveling abroad on University business, please complete the form below, which will be submitted to the department Chair for approval.

As a general rule, State of Wisconsin employees acting within the scope of their employment or responsibilities are covered for liability protection through the State of Wisconsin Self-Funded Liability Plan. UW-Madison SMPH employees or students who travel without fulfilling all of the requirements for international travel may not be eligible for university insurance and other protections.

The current SMPH policies appear at http://ghi.wisc.edu/global-health-policies. These policies have been developed in collaboration with the UW-Madison International Division, and more information is available at http://internationaltravel.wisc.edu/.

Global Health Activity Report for Faculty and Staff

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  • If any personal vacation days will be added to or take place within the trip, please indicate below.
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