Hosted Meals Policy

Hosted Meals – Policies, Guidelines, and Suggestions

The School of Medicine and Public Health has placed restrictions and limits as to how much is allowable for reimbursement for hosted meals:

  1. Please limit the dining party to NO MORE than four guests. This includes you and the guest speaker. If you want to make an exception to this, PLEASE CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR DIRECTLY
  2. The max reimbursement for one meal is $300
  3. If a guest speaker is invited for two nights, the combined max reimbursement allowed for both meals is $400.
  4. In addition to the above limits, there are limits on reimbursement for each meal per guest
    1. Breakfast: $20 per person
    2. Lunch: $21 per person
    3. Dinner: $75 per person

All reimbursements require ITEMIZED RECEIPTS. In addition, please also include a list of the names of the dining party AND business purpose.

Alcohol CANNOT BE REIMBURSED WITH DEPARTMENT FUNDS. Alcohol must be entered as a separate expense because it can only be used with UW Foundation Funds. If alcohol is ordered on the meal, IT MUST BE INCLUDED ON A SEPARATE, ITEMIZED RECEIPT FROM THE MEAL. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Overages can only be paid off with Foundation funds with the authorization of the department Chair.

There are no restrictions on locations for meals.