P-Card Statements

With weekly P-Card audits coming from campus, the following requirements and guidelines have been provided by SMPH:

  1. Funding Strings: These should always be provided to appropriately reallocate charges to your awards and other funding. If the default funding on your card is correct, this field can be left blank.
  2. Account Codes and Business Purpose/Justification: These can be combined in the “Business Purpose” field, (e.g. 3105 – Lab supplies for experimental use). A cheat sheet of common account codes is provided below.
  3. Electronic Signatures: Both handwritten and digital signatures (through Adobe) are allowable, but typed signatures will not be accepted.

After you complete your P-Card statements, they should be submitted to BMC’s site manager, listed below. Additional staff members are also available for questions.

P-Card Site Manager
Kymmy Lomax

SMPH Financial Specialist
Tyler Norman

BMC Department Administrator
Taylor Cluff

Frequently Used Expense Codes

Provided below is a small selection of frequently used account codes for use in completing your biweekly purchasing card statements. The full source list (linked here) is much longer and mostly irrelevant for the kinds of expenses our labs incur. Please contact the Department Administrator with any additional questions on account codes.


Long Distance Transportation (airfare, intercity bus/train, related fees)

  • In State: 2800
  • Out of State: 2801
  • Foreign: 2802

Registration Fees (conferences, seminars, etc.)

  • In State: 2840
  • Out of State: 2841
  • Foreign: 2842


  • In State: 2850
  • Out of State: 2851
  • Foreign: 2852

Car Rental

  • In State: 2810
  • Out of State: 2811
  • Foreign: 2812

Conferences and Meetings

Meals and Catering: 2893

AV Equipment/Setup Costs: 2894

Meeting Space Costs (e.g. rental fees): 2895

Lab Expenses

Office Supplies (includes reference materials for faculty): 3101

Laboratory Supplies: 3105

Software under $5,000: 3150

Computers and Related Equipment (not capitalized, i.e. under $5,000): 3194

General Equipment and Furniture (not capitalized, i.e. under $5,000): 3195

Printing, Mailing, and Ads

Printing and Duplicating (UW/State of Wisconsin): 2670

Non-UW/State Printing and Duplicating (e.g. page charges for articles and abstracts): 2675

Mailing and Freight: 3710

Advertising and Official Notices (e.g. job postings, calls for human subjects): 3740

Other Professional Services

Membership Dues: 3730

Professional Services Provided outside UW-Madison (e.g. external thesis printing): 2620

Taxes and Other Notes

Please note that expenses for meals, lodging, and vehicle rentals should be tax exempt within Wisconsin. If you do not have a Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate, please contact the Department Administrator for the exemption number and/or a card to carry with you while traveling.